The Future Talent Summit

Global thought leadership on talent strategies in a changing world
Stockholm, Sweden
27-28 June, 2016
50+ Speakers
and panelists
Tickets by invitation only
Future Talent Summit 2017. More information to come.


Incubators globally share the common goal to curate and catalyze successful ventures in order to contribute to the economic development of their respective regions. Corporations are looking for the most efficient channels to approach and interact with the entrepreneurial community and startup scene. Government Innovation Agencies continuously seek ways to analyse the state of incubation within their network, region, sector, and the world.

The inaugural Incubation Summit 2016 (part of the Future Talent Summit) powered by UBI Global is our way to underline the commitment of all these players in the ecosystem, help them share and discover the latest trends and insights from the ever-changing world of business, and attain the highest possible level of understanding of global best practices.


The Incubation Summit brings together an exclusive group of top performing university incubators and accelerators from across the globe to explore topics related to the entrepreneurial community through educational sessions, group discussions, networking, and hands-on workshops. The attendees will be connected with global peers allowing them to make and build long-lasting connections with practitioners who are facing similar opportunities and challenges.

  • We will discuss:
  • Managing university resources and talent growth at business incubators
  • Managing corporate and talent collaboration at business incubators
  • The next 5 years of business incubation
  • Managing a talent ecosystem at business incubators
  • We aim to:
  • Inspire the global university incubation ecosystem to share current insights, foresee future trends, and identify challenges in the talent space
  • Create a global community of top incubators and accelerators
  • Support global peer networking and best-practice sharing

Only 100 seats available

By invitation only for

  • Most promising university business incubators and accelerators
  • Select government innovation agencies in growth focused countries and regions
  • Leading innovation and entrepreneurship centred corporations


Simon Bond


SETSquared, UK

Ching-Yao Huang

Professor & Director

National Chiao Thung University, Taiwan

Pär Hedberg


Stockholm Innovation & Growth, Sweden

Abdullah Snobar

Executive Director

DMZ, Canada

Gordon McConnell

Executive Director

KAUST, Saudi Arabia

Fred Walti

President & CEO

LACI, United States

Walter Rosenthal


Chrysalis, Chile

Irene Fialka


INiTZ, Austria

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Incubation Summit 2016 is an invite-only event.

Incubators and Accelerators

Governmental Innovation Agencies




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Senior Project Manager

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